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For many parts and components, neoprene injection molding delivers an efficient, accessible, and cost-effective option for production. The injection molding process is when a mold is filled with injected liquid plastic, under pressure. This produces a quick, uniform distribution of the neoprene within the mold.

Factors to take into account when planning preparing for the process of injection molding include:

The Gate

As the location where the plastic is injected, the gate’s position should be planned in advance. The location of the gate should not be an obvious element of the design due to the fact that it will leave a scar or mark some kind. An experienced molding company can help ensure that this scar is nearly invisible.

Thickness Issues

The uniformity of the wall thickness is another important factor. The process of molding will be more uniform according to the uniform thickness of the walls. However, molded parts can be accurately processed when multiple features are present in the design.

As the complexity of the mold increases, the importance of hiring a professional molding expert increases as well. The success of the neoprene molding process depends heavily on the capabilities and experience of your molding provider.