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At MDI, we work with customers in a range of industries, all over the world. As an ISO and ISTAR-certified company, we focus on customer service, quality control, and producing outstanding products for our customers regardless of the size of their order.

Unlike some of the companies offering plastic injection molding services, we are geared towards working in partnership with our customers. This means having a full-time engineering team that is able to assist our customers in turning their concepts into the most cost-effective, structurally sound components possible.

Our Services

While our plastic injection molding services are front-and-center in the processes we offer our customers, we also offer other cutting-edge services as well. To give you an idea of the services we offer, here is a quick overview:

  • Injection molding – we have the capability, and capacity, to handle orders both large and small. Our experience-and-understanding of the process and our ability to work with clients’ design teams from the concept stage helps to save our customers time, frustration, and money.
  • Blow molding – whether it is bottles, balloons or hollow shapes with thin walls for medical devices, we offer the services you need. We have the ability to complete orders up to 2.5 gallon sizes, which is a greater range than many of the competitors offer.
  • Dip molding and coating – by using mold dipped in a polymer a range of simple to more complex parts can be produced. For medical equipment, tools, and even for use in the food production industries, this is an ideal process.

If you need plastic injection molding services or if you are considering different production options, talk to our staff today. The earlier we are involved in the planning process, the more our engineers can provide you with the information you need to lower production costs, and streamline production of even the complex plastic components.